Mirage Homes has a complete approach to energy-efficient house design and sustainable architecture, creating beautiful, bespoke homes that deliver positively to your life, and the wider community.


At Mirage Homes, no two homes will ever be the same and nor should they be. ‘Standard’ designs can often deliver ‘cookie cutter’ homes that rely on compromise to fit across various circumstances.


They can compromise the quality of the homes and the lives of those who live in them. Our individual eco home designs work to a set of pre-agreed objectives that consider not only the site and its aspect but take into account your lifestyle needs both now and into the future. Your home will be crafted just for you. Guided by our in-house design team, we begin with a site visit and project brief. From there, it’s a transparent and collaborative process where we share ideas, working together to come up with the best possible outcome for you and your budget.


We’re aiming for that ideal balance between sustainable design and your dream lifestyle. It takes careful planning, attention to detail and the right people. To that end, we deliberately limit the number of projects we undertake each year so that we can focus on creating the finest energy-efficient house for you and providing you with the individual attention and service you deserve.


We want all of our homes to bring you the maximum benefits of sustainable living, so we’re constantly looking for innovation and increased effectiveness. We’ve engaged independent sustainable house experts to compare the energy use and cost savings of our homes against that of a standard home. The results are clear. Mirage Homes’ energy-efficient homes perform substantially better than others with greatly reduced energy consumption costs and greenhouse gas emissions.


While you may find there are some extra costs involved at the time of construction, this relatively small investment can be recouped within the first 2-5 years with savings compounding further over time. Your choice to invest in a sustainable home will provide a positive and lasting impact, giving you a healthier living environment now while reducing your environmental footprint for the future. So, in the long run, it’s less cost to you and less cost to the planet.


When it comes to bespoke builders in Adelaide, we are masters of our trade. Not only in terms of quality workmanship and professional excellence, but we practise what we preach. We are constantly refining our processes to live up to our values in environmental consciousness and implement new technologies and ideas. We work with recycling specialists to ensure that a minimum of 70% of our building waste is recycled which reduces our contribution to landfill. We hire trades that share our philosophy and understand the products and technologies we specify, leading to reduced embodied energy and ongoing operational costs. We are true energy-efficient home builders.




As a collaborative Adelaide building company, we love to work with others who share our passion for high-quality architectural design, environmental responsibility and sustainable living. We team up with like-minded interior designers to make sure all our selections are energy efficient and that materials, where practical, meet ethical considerations.

Beyond the actual building, we work with talented landscape designers to create sustainable, climate-responsive outdoor spaces that work in harmony with your home and the local ecosystem. By focusing on native plant selections and responsible material choices we can make beautiful, self-sufficient green spaces you will love. When it comes to having a positive impact on our planet – we’re all in this together!

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